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Update: New Delhi – Hanoi – New Delhi flights on February 18, 2021

As officially announced on website of Vietnam embassy in New Delhi, India, there is a flight from New Delhi to Hanoi and a flight from Hanoi to New Delhi rescheduled to February 18, 2021.

Update: New Delhi – Hanoi – New Delhi flights on February 18, 2021

Details of the flights are as follows:

New Delhi – Hanoi Flight on February 18, 2021 expectedly

The flight details are:

  • Expected departure date: February 18, 2021
  • Flight No.: 6E8679
  • Expected Departure time: 7:30
  • Expected landing time: 13:15 on the same day.

This flight is available for Indians being investors, businessmen, experts and Vietnamese citizens stuck in India due to COVID 19.

To be eligible to enter Vietnam, the foreign investors, businessmen, experts should meet the following conditions:

  • Have a sponsor company in Vietnam who will be responsible for following all sponsor procedures, preparing quarantine plan and arranging pickup at Hanoi airport.
  • Provide the following written approvals:
    • Approval of the People’s Committee of the Province/City in which the sponsor company’s head office is located (In case the head office is not located in Hanoi city);
    • Approval of the Hanoi City People’s Committee;
    • The Submission of the Department of Health of the Province/City in which the sponsor company’s head office is located to the Hanoi counterpart for its approval of quarantine plan in Hanoi (In case the head office is not located in Hanoi city);
    • Approval of the Hanoi Department of Health for the quarantine plan.
    • Contract with the quarantine hotel designated by the Hanoi Department of Health.
    • Entry approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security.
    • COVID-19 positive certificate under the test carried out according to the PRC test method as prescribed by the Ministry of Health (within 3-7 days before the entry into Vietnam).

You can see the full procedure here issued by the Vietnam Embassy in India.

And after entering Vietnam, you will need to follow this Vietnam entry and quarantine procedure.

How to register the New Delhi – Hanoi Flight on February 18, 2021

Important note: the deadline to make registration is February 5, 2021, the registration should be carried out by the sponsor company in Vietnam, not the foreigners themselves. So you should ask your sponsor company in Vietnam to do so.

Here are the steps to go:

  • Step 1: The sponsor company in Vietnam with download this form and complete it, and rename it as the company name.
  • Step 2: The sponsor company will collect scan of passports of all foreign experts who will attend on the flight from New Delhi to Hanoi on February 18, 2021, and insert them all into a single document in .doc or .docx format, and then save it in the company name.
  • Step 3: Scan all the written approvals by the Vietnam competent authorities and rename them as “name of authority + approval Number”, for example, “UBND BN 4160.pdf, or UBND BN 4160.jpg”.
  • Step 4: Access to https://forms.gle/h9j5j5VchhVYPuje7 for registration. This link is also used for adding information after the registration. But the addition should be completed by February 6.

After registration, you and your company should follow this procedure:

  • When the flight is licensed, the ticket will be sent to the registered email. Normally, it is issued around 2-3 days before the flight date.
  • You will get the COVID test done at one of the health facilities or laboratories approved by the India government.
  • After getting the negative result, you need to scan it into a .pdf document by the application provided by the hospital, not your smartphone, and send it to the email of your sponsor company which will then send it to CONSULARSECTION@VIETNAMEMBASSYDELHI.IN (Please note you cannot send it yourself).
  • You will receive the legalized copy of your COVID test certificate at checkin counter, Departure Floor, Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport 04 hours before your flight time.

You can contact the following person for more details about the flight:

  • Mr. Pham Nhu Y
  • Mobile number: +84 983941989 (text message only)

The Embassy of Vietnam in India will reply to your Vietnamese contact in Vietnam.

Should you need any assistance for the entry approval, just let us know.

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