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How to Legalize China Documents for Use in Vietnam

Legalizing China Documents for Use in Vietnam is not a complicated process for those in China but it involves a lengthy and costly process for those in Vietnam. So, in case you have any documents issued in China that you need to use in Vietnam, you are highly recommended to legalize it before departure for Vietnam.

In order to use official documents issued in China in Vietnam, for example University Degree, Criminal Records Check, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, etc., those documents should be legalized by both Chinese authorities and then Vietnam embassy/consulate in China.

Let’s figure out how you can go with this matter.

1. Requirements for China Document Legalization for Use in Vietnam

This section will answer the question “Are all documents issued in China required to be consular legalized for use in Vietnam?”.

As provided by the Agreement between Vietnam and China economic and cultural offices on mutual legal assistance in terms of civil issues, the following documents issued in China are exempted from Vietnam consular legalization process:

  • Civil papers,
  • Commercial papers.
  • Marriage certificate,
  • Family papers, and
  • Labor papers (Article 1.2)

Provided that those papers carry signatures and official seals of the competent authorities in China and are used for mutual legal assistance between Vietnam and China.

Note: Mutual legal assistance is a form of cooperation between different countries for the purpose of collecting and exchanging information. Authorities from one country may also ask for and provide evidence located in one country to assist in criminal investigations or proceedings in another.

In case you have one of the papers mentioned above which need to be used in China but it’s not for mutual legal assistance between Vietnam and China, you are required to get it legalized for official use in Vietnam.

2. What are popular purposes of using China Documents in Vietnam?

The documents issued in China are often used in Vietnam for the following purposes:

3. Popular types of documents issued in China to be legalized for use in Vietnam

Generally, the China documents required for legalization to be used in Vietnam are as follows:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Death certificate,
  • Non-marital status certificate;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Non-criminal record or Police Check Certificate;
  • Diplomas, certificate,
  • Working experience confirmation,
  • Certificate of origin,
  • or notes for civil or business purposes,
  • etc.

4. Can I Legalize My Chinese Documents in Vietnam?

No. The whole process of legalizing documents issued in China for use in Vietnam should be done in China by following the Consular Legalization Procedure below.

5. How to legalize China documents for use in Vietnam?

As mentioned in the fourth part of this guide, all documents issued in China which are not subject to the Vietnam consular legalization exemption should be legalized in China for official use in Vietnam.

The process of legalizing China document to be used in Vietnam involves 3 steps as follows:

👉Step 1: Notarization by local Notary Public

You firstly should bring your documents to a local Notary Public for notarization. A Notarial Certificate is issued accordingly;

👉Step 2: Authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

The notarized documents and original ones should be brought to the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) of the province or municipality for authentication/attestation.

You can check the list of those FAOs here.

The authentication processing time is normally 4 working days or urgently 2 working days depending on your request.

You then get the authenticated documents in person at the office or ask them to send your documents to the Vietnam embassy/consulate in China.

Sample China authentication stamp
Sample China authentication stamp

👉Step 3: Consular legalization by Vietnam embassy/consulate in China

In this case, you need to submit your document already authenticated by the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the embassy/consulate of Vietnam in China for legalization.

And then, in order to use in Vietnam, you need to have your legalized documents translated into Vietnam and verified it.

As mentioned in the first part of this post, this whole procedure of legalizing China documents for use in Vietnam is completely done in China, you are highly recommended to do it before departure for Vietnam.

4. How can Vietnam-visa help you?

Legalizing China documents for use in Vietnam can be a complicated process, and if you have not dealt with the document legalization before, you will find our Vietnam consular legalization service beneficial. We offer a totally inclusive service ensuring your documents are successfully legalized and will be accepted in Vietnam.

Using our Vietnam consular legalization service provides you with quick and easy to order solution. We take care of all the necessary steps required to facilitate fast turnaround. From checking documents, providing notary public’s notarization, getting authentication stamps and then embassy legalization stamp, to dispatching your documents to your physical address safely.

Popular documents, papers issued in China for our Vietnam conular legalization

✅Academic Documents ✅Personal Documents ✅Company Documents
Degree certificates usually require legalization when applying for a work permit in Vietnam. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and criminal record checks to name but a few. You need to legalize them to apply for Vietnam temporary residence card. You need to provide evidence of the structure of your China-based company, then we can help you to legalize your incorporation certificates, share certificates, resolutions and more.

Most orders are completed in approximately 15 CALENDAR DAYS under current circumstances. No original is required!

Our Vietnam Legalization Service fee for popular Chinese Documents:

Document type Service fee (USD/stamp) Required documents
1-4 stamps 5 – 9 stamps From 10 stamps
Diplomas – Certificates 210 208 205 Scan of original Diplomas – Certificates
Business registration certificate 210 208 205 Scan of Original Business registration certificate
Chinese passport 210 208 205 Scan of Original Passport
Employment confirmation 210 208 205 Scan of Original Employment Certificate + Passport + Business registration Certificate of confirming employer

The fee is quoted in USD/stamp, covering

  • Notarization fee
  • Authentication fee; and
  • Legalization fee.

In case you have other types of documents, feel free to request a quote at info@vietnamvisacenter.vn or ++84 32 896 0880 (WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo available).

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