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Visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter

In case you are traveling to Vietnam by air and wish to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport, the most important document you must have beforehand is a visa approval letter (also known as pre-approval visa letter or visa on arrival approval letter).

So now, let’s go in details about this type of document.

What is the Vietnam visa approval letter?

“Vietnam Visa approval letter” is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Ministry of Public Security) via a local travel agency to the travelers. It functions as an official permission allowing its owner(s) to board the flight to Vietnam and get visa stamped onto the passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

What does a Vietnam visa approval letter look like?

An approval letter for Vietnam visa contains:

  • Statement on allowing its holder(s) to enter Vietnam and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport;
  • Details of those permitted to enter Vietnam with this letter, including full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality,
  • Permitted duration to stay in Vietnam.

Here is a sample of the visa approval letter for Vietnam:

Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter
Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter

How to get a visa approval letter for Vietnam?

The procedure to get a tourist or business visa approval letter is the same at Vietnam Visa Center. It is completed online without any document, even a sponsor letter from a Vietnam company.

To get it, you only need to:

  1. complete the online application form with the following information:
    • Full name
    • Nationality
    • Gender
    • Passport number
    • Passport expiry date
    • Visa type
    • Travel dates
  2. make payment online with credit/debit cards or by bank transfer.
  3. After that, we will process your visa approval letter application with the Vietnam Immigration Department and deliver the letter to your email.

Important Notes:

At the moment, due to COVID 19, the visa approval letter is only issued to foreign experts with sponsor by a company in Vietnam. The procedure to get it is much more complicated as follows:

  • Step 1: Get approval from the People Committee of the Province or the Management Board of the Industrial Park where the foreign experts are expected to work.
  • Step 2: Get approval from the Department of Health of the Province where the foreign experts are expected to quarantine.
  • Step 3: Get visa approval letter (or also known as Vietnam entry permit) to enter Vietnam.

You can  contact us (via hotline +84 32 896 0880 or email for instant assistance.

How much does a Vietnam visa on arrival letter cost?

The cost of a pre-approval letter for a Vietnam visa also depends on the type of visa you wish to get, how fast you want to get it and also the number of applicants in your group.

You can see the full details of this cost for your group here.

How long does it take to get an approval letter for a Vietnam visa?

The letter processing time depends on the type of visa you wish to get and how fast you want to get it.

Processing of a Vietnam tourist visa on arrival letter

  • normally takes 02 working days;
  • can be faster in 1 working day or even 2 – 4 working hours depending on your emergency.

Processing of a Vietnam business visa on arrival letter:

  • normally takes 07 working days;
  • can be faster in 2 – 3 working days depending on your emergency.

Types of Vietnam visa approval letter?

The letter is divided into two types, namely:

  • group visa approval letter (also known as a shared letter); and
  • private visa approval letter (also known as a confidential letter).

A group letter is a letter that may contain details of other travelers whose application is submitted to the Vietnam Immigration at the same time for processing.

A private letter is a letter which contains details of yours or your group only. This type of letter is provided upon your request.

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