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Vietnam Immigration Blacklist – 4 things you should know

Millions of foreigners around the work visit Vietnam for a leisure trip or long-term job. While Vietnam is a good place to stay and enjoy, you may get into the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist if you fail to follow the visa and immigration laws of Vietnam, which may then ruin your every plan in Vietnam. So, exactly:

  • What is Vietnam Immigration Blacklist;
  • How Vietnam blacklist a foreigner?
  • Consequences of getting blacklisted by Vietnam Immigration
  • How to check Vietnam Immigration Blacklist
                           Vietnam Immigration Blacklist – 4 things you should know

What is Vietnam Immigration Blacklist?

Vietnam Immigration Blacklist is the term used to describe the list of foreigners who are deported from Vietnam (if they are currently in the country) and banned from entering the country by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

How Vietnam blacklists a foreigner?

There are various causes that may name you in the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, of which, the main ones are:

  • You fail to follow the Vietnam visa rules. For example:
    • You overstay your visa without doing a visa extension on time.
    • You fail to follow your visa purpose. You are entering Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL visa) but you are in the country to work for payment.
    • You are in Vietnam with a non-sponsored business visa.
  • You commit any offence in Vietnam.

Consequences of getting blacklisted by Vietnam Immigration

If you are blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration Department, you will probably be subject to:

  • A big amount of fine;
  • immediate deportation;
  • a ban from entry into Vietnam for up to 5 years. Your name will be communicated to all foreign missions of Vietnam and Vietnam checkpoints, and you will get no visa or entry permit for Vietnam during the ban period.

How to check whether you are blacklisted?

You will lose a large amount of money if planning a visit to Vietnam and being not aware that you are being blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration until you start your visa application or visit the Vietnam checkpoint in case you are eligible for visa exemption.

Likewise, if you are in Vietnam, you are also in big trouble if you visit the Immigration office without knowing that you are on the Immigration Blacklist of Vietnam, as it may ruin your trip, your work, and your plan in Vietnam.

In case you engage in any act mentioned above, we highly recommend you to check whether you are blacklisted or not before you go. With our Vietnam Immigration Blacklist Check service, we can help you to know:

  • Whether you are blacklisted or not;
  • What your current penalty is;
  • What the best option for you to get out of this trouble.

Believe us; we can help you in any circumstances.

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