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Vietnam Embassy & Consulate worldwide

Contacting the nearest Vietnam Embassy/Consulate is the traditional way to get a valid visa to Vietnam. It is especially beneficial for those who are close to the office of the embassy/consulate.

General requirements for getting a visa at Vietnam embassy

Those who are planning to apply for a visa to Vietnam at the embassy/consulate should ensure that:

  • Their passport is valid for at least 06 months following the date of entry into Vietnam;

  • Their passport has at least 2 blank pages.

Required documents for getting a Vietnam embassy visa

The required documents for getting a visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate may vary depending on the embassy/consulate with which you wish to submit your applications. But at least the following documents are required:

01. Original passport
meeting the requirements above
02. An application form
which is printed out from the website of the embassy with which you are applying for the visa, completed and glued with your photo
03. Sponsor letter from a Vietnam-based company
required for those who are applying for Vietnam business visa

Procedure for getting a Vietnamese visa at embassy

The procedure to get a visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate varies. Some embassies accept submissions by post and in person. But some accept in-person submissions only.

Here comes the normal procedure to get a Vietnam embassy visa:

Step 1.
Prepare the documents and fees required by the embassy;
Step 2.
Travel to the embassy to submit the application documents, pay for visa fee and also get arrangement note for visa processing, and then travel back to home and wait;
Step 3.
Travel to the embassy again to get the visa and passport.

Important note:

To get a visa for Vietnam in this way, you should be aware that:

  • The visa documents and procedure vary depending on the embassy. So, to save your time and cost, you should call or email them for details before visiting the embassy;

  • The application form should be downloaded on the website of the embassy/taken right at the front desk of the embassy as it may not be the same for all embassies/consulate;

  • The Vietnam visa fee also varies depending on the embassy;

  • You get the visa stamped on your passport before your trip to Vietnam.

  • If you are flying to Vietnam and have no time to follow the procedure to get a visa for Vietnam at the embassy, you can consider applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival. Their differences can be found here.


(*) For information of Vietnam embassies/consulates in foreign countries, including their addresses, phone numbers and email, please select the corresponding country below.

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